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Wonsan (원산, 元山)

Wonsan (according to an official plan); (Source: Lautensach 1945, 298)
Forest area in the ri
Agriculture in the ri of Wonsan city
Wonsan Station (2012)
Trolleybus Terminal (2012)
Development Plan; modified version of a figure in Jong Yong-su (2013)
Songdowon Hotel (2012)
Urbanized areas (ligth blue) and industrial reas (dark blue) (In light green: Ski Resort Masikryong, blue green stripes: the underground "Thunderbirds runway" of the Air Force Base on the East Coast) (Source: Yi Sang-jun et.al. 2012, 99; modified)
Skyline (2012)
Mural in the International Youth Camp Songdowon (2012)
New dong (1976-1995)
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